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Fantastic Animation

But I was seriously expecting at least ONE fight scene...

Quite Boring

The art was quite nice and so was some animation but it was all very boring. Nothing amazing and just watching some bear singing a cheesy song. Points for the idea, but it could have had more variety.


You got my hopes up, and then you crushed them. I'm pissed off now.

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Best rick roll - big time!

Kembry responds:

Thanks friend :)

Fantastic Effort

Just great work all-round.

Pretty Damn Nice

First off, I cannot believe the score is 2.60/5.00. So underrated and you should be disappointed.

Ok, I loved the sensitivity of the controls. Once you got used to it, it was damn awesome to play. That's my type of game.

The effects and animation were very nice as well which made this very enjoyable.

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A Good Effort

The first 5 seconds of the song is my favourite part. How it starts off slow then the how drums come in and get it rolling is really smooth. The rest of the song, however, even though in the same key, does not mix very well. Hardly anything sounded bad, but hardly anything sounded good either. But I did like the classical part (which still did not mix perfectly, but mixed better than the other sections).

In the classical section there is a track of chord progressions which has a synth sound rather than classical. If you're going to separate this project into separate sections, it helps if the sections actually fully match the descriptions. :P

The "whole shebang"... well, that sounded terrible to be honest. At least you separated the project into different sections for the rest of it though.

To the participants: to be oblivious of your teammates' parts, only aware of what your part sounded like, and for each member to produce something that when mashed together did not sound bad is an extremely good effort. I admire how some people took the initiative to create a melodic lead as others sacrificed showing off their skills in a technical melodic lead but produced simple harmonious chord progressions to improve the overall sound of the song.

In conclusion, this project turned out pretty well seeing as how it was produced and taking into consideration the rules the creators had to follow. A mashup is never going to be truly amazing as a written composition but this was a good effort.

Rig responds:

Yeah, I was expecting this to be a lot worse, tbh. But that's what making an Exquisite Corpse is all about. A blind mashup. Thanks for the comprehensive review!

And in the classical section, that "synth" sound is actually a Rhodes.


Nice guitar playing here, bro. The sound is pretty good (though, it would be much better if it was digitally recorded, not through a mic).

Nice work.

axlisbak responds:

thanks! like i said, i recorded it through the mic on my mp3 player, which does a pretty good job but im going to get a decent microphone or a midi input for the laptop to improve on the sound. thanks for the review


Adrenalizing shit!

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The blur makes my eyes water.

Just kidding.

Love everything, especially the lighting. Also,I recall the topic, where you posted steps you took in illustrating this, that the shape/outlines were drawn on paper. That is bloody good work.

This is the best artwork I've seen from you and seems like a shitload of effort put in.

Pretty Neat

Nice smooth work.

Chronamut responds:

thanks - hahaha you can still see the enterline I drew on it - oops ;P

thanks for the review!



A very different style compared to most of your work. I found a smaller picture with the same character on Google Images a while back while searching "tankman". I actually thought MindChamber drew it... seems like his style more than yours.

Anyway, great work. Keep drawing buff.

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