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2010-03-23 21:43:49 by ShortMonkey


Prayer Collab

2009-11-08 19:51:44 by ShortMonkey

After a year, it is done!

Prayer Collab

2009-10-02 03:04:48 by ShortMonkey

It's almost done!

Swine Flu Song - Hamish & Andy

2009-06-23 02:09:13 by ShortMonkey

We love you, bacon,
But after Mexico,
We feel mistaken,
We thought you were our bro...

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Interesting Fact

2009-05-16 03:37:00 by ShortMonkey

Don't know if this is just a sick coincidence but...

2007 - Chinese Year of the Chicken - Bird flu pandemic devastates part of Asia

2008 - Chinese Year of the Horse - Equine influenza decimates Aussie racing

2009 - Chinese Year of the Pig - Swine flu pandemic kills 100's of people around the globe

It gets worse next year...

2010 - Chinese Year of the Cock - WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG!?!?!?!

Prayer - Disturbed Collab

2008-10-05 22:49:08 by ShortMonkey

The Prayer - Disturbed Collab is looking fantastic! We have some amazingly talented animators as part of the team working real hard with great results. Be sure to watch out for the release of this epic music video - it'll blow you away!

Here is a sample of animation
from the music vid, and below is a screenshot. Like I said, be sure to watch out for the release of this amazing music video!

Prayer - Disturbed Collab